cover design
Jade Rawlings

The PASSAGES cover image is an owl. Either a barn owl or an arctic owl for highest contrast with a dark background.

  • Mysterious
  • Wise
  • Strong

PASSAGES collection is over 1,101 email correspondences between Saige Renneau Forbush & Steve Teare.

July 2020 to April 2021


Creative Brief

1. Product Description
6×9″ Blurb tradebook with color glossy cover. Book of memories of a 66-year-old INFJ future-father-in-law and his 21-year-old INFJ / INTJ potential daughter-in-law. Complied from over 1,000 email messages.

2. Differentiating Features

Private Collection – not for sale.

3. Target Audience
Unknown strange people.

4. Deliverables
COVER: 1@ 6×9 softcover tradebook PDF format. CMYK. 300dpi. Per cover specification. Front, back, and spine.

5. Details on Tone, Message, and Style
Saige is a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is serving in Germany. She is Levi’s, my son, girlfriend. Levi is serving simultaneously on a mission in Portugal. They both will come home in February 2021. It’s a keepsake book.

The book content is a compilation of emails between Steve and Saige.

7. Typography: Designer’s choice

8. Cover Text


subtitle Keepsake Reminders

authors name Forbush & Teare

co-author: Saige Forbush
descriptive words: paranormal wisdom, regal silence, and fierce intelligence, independent

co-author: Steve Teare
descriptive words: unconventional, nonconformist, powerful, creative, imaginative, prolific, eccentric, strange, age, wisdom, and guidance.