Beautiful Darkness

Zero light is black. In science, black is the absence of light. And color is a phenomenon of light. But a black object or black images printed on white paper are made from pigment, not light. So artists must use their darkest color of paint to approximate black. What you see as a pigment with… Continue reading Beautiful Darkness

How to Title a Book

Making Titles that Sell Are you struggling with how to title a book? You’re not alone because most authors have had many sleepless nights over exactly that.  Second only to your book’s cover, good titles for books can be a difference maker in not only your sales conversions but also in your book’s discoverability on… Continue reading How to Title a Book

3 Secrets for ebooks

The move to e-books has brought with it a new challenge for those who do book cover design, amateur and professional. The first challenge, of course, if you’ve been designing book covers for any time, is to understand exactly what an e-book cover really is. Unlike print books, which we can pick up and examine,… Continue reading 3 Secrets for ebooks

perfect ebook cover

People are going to judge your ebook by its cover. The cover is the first impression and first chance you have to hook a reader. It has to be visually appealing, include lettering that’s easy to read and entice users to download (and read) your book. The perfect ebook cover stands out from all the… Continue reading perfect ebook cover

Covers & Sales

A couple of years ago, Martin Lake’s book sales were dismal. As a self-published author, he was selling just 15 books per month. Sound familiar? Well, Martin didn’t just accept those sales and move on. He changed his book cover design for the first book in his three-part series…and his sales of all three books… Continue reading Covers & Sales

spineless ebooks

Print book cover design and ebook cover design have subtle differences. An ebook has only the front, while the print cover consists of three elements. They include the front, the back, and the spine. No spine and no back When you choose ebook design, you don’t have to think about typography on the spine. Moreover,… Continue reading spineless ebooks

polite PDFs

PDF download links need “editorialization.” This is good web etiquette. Dropping users into a download without warning or cuing is bad UX. It can lock up their browser. Very irritating. PDFs can easily be reduced with a freeware PDF optimizer to a tenth that file size. This is bandwidth politeness most developers don’t do for… Continue reading polite PDFs